Pet Portraits
I’m Chelsea Wilcox.


You might recognise the last name … That’s right, I’m the daughter of Rob Wilcox and Debbie Nock, and this is me with my little (big) boy Poncho.


My partner, Dylan, and I moved to the Perth area in Western Australia in February 2019 after spending time in Bude, and Swindon.


I’ve always loved graphic design and with the idea of moving to Australia and needing to find a job I’ve turned the love of drawing into a business.


I do all kinds of illustrations for books and digital media. My favourite type of art is lettering, and that’s what I’ve focused my Instagram page on.


The inspiration for the pet portraits came from Poncho.



Get your own pet portrait

It's easy to order and makes a great gift

Place your order on my Etsy shop. Send me a photo of your pet, and their name and I’ll make the unique design and a framed copy will be delivered to you.